Most teams are all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit youth sports organizations sponsored by the American Vaulting Association. Teams will provide specially trained horses, leaders, coaches, and a safe environment to learn about horses and participate in the exciting sport of gymnastics and dance on a moving horse.

Some teams may offer lessons like a gymnastics or riding academy but many do not. New kids are encouraged to come visit, get involved, and become part of the team; learning from the volunteer coaches and other vaulters. Teams usually meet for 2-3 hours one or more times each week year-round. Teams will also participate in community demonstrations, events and fund-raisers. Vaulters usually compete at local competitions and many go to regional and national competitions.

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Vaulting offers a unique activity for kids of all ages and their families, especially for those who are not horse owners. Vaulting enables youth to learn about horses, make new friends and do cool things on horses safely.

A Vaulting team promotes character development and athleticism by working together with horses, other vaulters and through competition. Vaulters learn responsibility, teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, mentoring and many other lifeskills. Prior riding, gymnastics, dance or vaulting experience is not required.

Coach Chris with vaulters
VaultingGymnastics and Dance on Horseback
For current info on teams in the Washington DC area visit the AVA Find a Club webpage.

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Katie & Christine
Fall Fest 2001
Katie Haynie & Vaulting Visions on Janyck
Evelyn on Aslan
Katie, Evelyn and Christine on Tessie